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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 530am  NBC  March 11, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> happy friday. 73 in miami. 73 in poem know beach. 72 in pembroke pines and homestead. waking up eight to ten degrees above average this morning. as you head out the door this morning, you'll feel a difference in the air, feeling a little on the sticky side. our live first alert radar rain-free on this friday morning from ft. lauderdale down into the keys. taking a look outside our first alert cam, you'll see a few clouds out there. other than that, a quiet start to our friday. good news for this first alert forecast. breezy conditions again s sick around all day. let's look at the friday roads. here is your first alert traffic report. >> we have a couple traffic alerts. 595 westbound as you're approaching the turnpike, that's where we have an accident blocking the left lane that ramp to the turnpike.
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alert traffic maps, you see all greens. it's 5:31, not a lot of folks out there. not too much trouble there. we have two new accidents both on the dolphin expressway. if you're driving, headed towards the dolphin expressway leaving your house soon, 836 drivers eastbound just northwest of 45th avenue. emergency crews are blocking the left-hand lane. 836 westbound at northwest 107th avenue. this one has two lanes completely blocked off. it is a crash with injuries. emergency crews are on the scene of this accident. we'll keep you posted on air and online and on our nbc 6 news app as soon as the traffic alerts clear up. it's 5:32 on your friday morning. in decision 2016, the four remaining republican candidates wrapping up their 12th debate. this morning a lot of people talking about the big difference, the hugugdifference between the last debate and the one that happened last night.
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between with the candidates stayin relatively civil this time. julia is here with new reaction. after the debate, what did they say to reporters? >> each of these candidates trying to stand out from the pack. the civil surprise we've been talking about missing from many of the last 11 debates. no mass nasty name caller except for the term liar. the candidates more consideratelily clashed over trade and foreign policy. some of the leading democrats are not buying it. >> i'm glad that they decided to stop insulting one another and start talking about the issue it's now possible for voters to see how backward they ar how they would take our country backwards and how extreme they are. >> only ur days to go with donald trump still leading the republican pack.
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staying on the race came on his home state and the results here in florida on march 15th. >> julia, thank you so much. we'll continue to check in with julia for updates all morning lo. another popular issue last night was cuba, of course. critical here in south florida. some of the candidates condemning president obama's deal with the castro regime right now. >> i would probably have the embassy closed until such time as a really good deal was made and struck by the united states. >> the embassy the a former consulate. tights same building. so it can go back to being called a consulate. secondly, if cuba sues us in miami, they're going to lose. here is a deal, cuba starts free elections, stops putting peop in jail for speaking out, has freedom of the press. >> we shouldn't be allowing billions of dollars to go to nations that hate us, to go to cuba, to go to iran. >> a strong america is what the
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where has america gone? >> lots of sound bites you're listening to pertaining directly to cuba. also social security a big issue especially with more than 3 million retirees in the state of florida. most of the candidates didn't agree that there should not before changes made to the social security program, at least not in the immediate. a few candidates favor reducing benefits for the wealthy, raising the retirement age, also an idea dosed aroundduring that debate. >> let's get rid of fraud. let's get rid of abuse, more careful about how we spend foreign aid. you still have hundreds of billions of deficit that you're going to have tooake up. here is the 24i7k. if we do not do it, we will have a debt crisis. >> this is not a theory. if you have to take on entitlement programs to balance the budget, yes. it doesn't mean you have to cut them. you need to innovate them the way we do in the 21st century.
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the retirement age,. >> you just heard lots of sound bites. let's broaden this up. cruz is saying it's a two-man race between h and donald trump and if trump wins, this is according to cruz, if trump wins the nomination, cruz is saying hillary clinton will be the next president of the united states. there's a knew conference at 9:00 in palm beach county where he says dr. ben carsrs is expecting to endorse him. running for president also thrusts their spos spouse under the microscope, too. nbc 6 excluvely spoke with ted krus's wife heidi. >> people are angrat the left for having failed in their promises, and it's important that we have someone run for office that is principled, that has courage and has the brilliance and the intellect and the care f following the
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so it was a race that he had to run in. >> on tuesday, we will bring you live results as they role in on the nbc 6 n ns and weather app. keep it handy. a chaotic scene in opa-locka as agents ran sam city hall. trop per 6 over the scene during that massive alleged corruption crackdown. michael spears is live outside opa-locka city hall with more on what sounds like, michael, a major sweep. it sounds like residents in opa-locka is pretty glad that it happened. >> that's right. some people were dancing as it's carried out. we'll be playing interviews with him throughout the morning. this morning fbi agents will have plenty of evidence to dig through. they're only confirming at this point this is a public corruption investigation. we have video from chopper 6, agents walking up to this building with stackss of boxes.
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pretty tight lipped hasn't confirmed what triggered e investigation. we learned that o ficials from the top down under scrutiny. we know newly appointed manager steve shiver was ousted after eosing that the city was millions in debt. he released a statement yesterday saying he spotted several irregularities regarding the city's financial systems. we couldn't reach the manager for comment but we did catch up with the city's vice mayor. >> if people in city hall is doing something wrong, bust their [ bleep ]. other than that, no comment. >> well, there you have . at this point the fbi confirming there has been no arrest in this case, but again, taxpayers literally dancing as this raid was carried out.
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tell you why. right now it is 5:38. still a lot more ahead. a hope owner alerted on her home phone there's an intruder. what she turned next turned deadly. coming up, the diplomacy and the excitement surrounding the prime minister's visit. mild start to the day, ten degrees above average. as we head out the door, rain-free conditions, so good news there. kelly, w are the roads looking? >> well, erika, if miami-dade, a few traffic alerts. but 595 from flamingo to 441, eight mimites.
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nine minutes from pines en we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i'm checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there.
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welcome back. this morning police are looking into a deadly shooting. a woman got an intruder alert on her cell phone and then found a burglar in her home. erika glover with more on thee story. >> reporter: this morning officers at the miami-dade police department say this incident is an example of whatnot to do. officers say you should never approach a burglar on your own and just wait because you never know what can happen. when the alarm went off at this home on 7237 northwest 19th avenue thursday evening, officers say the 54-year-old homeownene was not there. instead she was alerted of a possible burglary by the alarm company.
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but the homeowner was first to arrive. >> was checking the home herself when she opened a subject exiting e home through the rear. at that point there was some type of a crick confrontation, shots were fired. >> reporter: police say the homeowner shot the intruder, identified only as a 17-year-old black male. he was transported to the rider trauma center and died shortly after. as this investigation continues, officers are focusing on the home where detectives say the teenager broke in. this incident brings a reminder from law enforcement to the public. lice say if you find someone on your property -- >> have the police go out and make that confrontation. that's what we're here for. >> reporter: the homeowner's relatives were at the scene thursday eveveng but didn't say much. detectives say the homeowner is a little distraught but cooperating and talking with officers. reporting in doral, ika glover, nbc 6 news.
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experts are working to verify the legitimacy of a huge document isis leak. a german official says they appear to be authentic. some of the items include obedience level and blood type. the leak comes from a senior isis member who defected and took the documents with him, saying he smuggled the flash drive with the information in would look there. the justice department now says there is probable cause that the locked iphone used by one of the san bernardino terrorists cocoains evidence of the attack. prosecutors say that the government and community needs access to the phone and that apple needs to comply with that. this now set to take the front stage friday morning where the case will be argued. this morning investigators are trying to figure o o what
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angeles. the intense fire caused huge sections of a warehouse to collapse. look at the flames there. nearly 100 firefighters battled the wicked flames. fortunately no one was hurt. >> weather on nbc 6 is sponsored in part by mcdonald's. mcdonald's mccafe coffee. mcdonald's, i'm lovin' it. >> . >> all right, south florida. live first alert radar looking good. quiet conditions broward county down into miami-dade. that goes for the florida keys as well. no rain in sight. you will not be needing umbrellas as you head out the door. 73 in miami, 72 in ft. lauderdale as well as pembroke pines and ova-locka. 71 in kendall. average temperatures out ove the gulf coast, that goes for naples, starting off in the mid
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east coast areas looking good as far as the clouds are concerned. we're beginning to see the clouds concern over the gulf coast. lots of moisture over the gulf of mexico creeping into our area over the next 24 to 48 hours. we're calling for a rain-free start. we're dealing with a few clouds, a high rip current risk across the beaches. temperatures will be a few degrees above average. a sneak peek for your weekend, temperatures in the lower 80s. a mix of sun and clouds. if you're heading out to calle ochoa, come by and see us. we're expecting an iolated shower or two on sunday. more than anything we'll see a mix of sun and clouds and it will remain warm for most of the weekend. high pressure over the atlantic slowly but surely weakening, as it continues to push into the
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moisture over the lower mississippi valley. today with breezy conditions, the main threat will be the high rip current risk. not favorable to be out in the water. keep that in mind if you have plans to be out and about. isolated shower for sunday lingering into the monday morning hours. temperatures in the mid 80s. warm conditions stick around. i see kelly dancing. she is happy it is friday. south florida, here is a look at your friday roads. first alalt traffic report with dancing kelly blanco. >> got to shimmy a little bit when you know it's friday. fri-yay. we have a couple traffic alerts. this traffic alert we see on i-95 here and northwest 54th street. you can see it's pretty much a mess going on right now. the express lanes are blocked off. we also have the right lane blocked off. you the accident off to the shoulder, then you see the
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them about to head out there on northwest 54th street. let's take you on over to our maps where it's not the only accident that we have this morning. 836 drivers westbound right as you're approaching northwest 107th avenue, two lanes completely shut down. this is another accident with injues that's blocking two of your lanes. then another problem here on the 836 eastbound before northwest 45th avenue. make sure you stick to your right-hand side. a left lane is blocked off because of another crash there. former first lady nancy reagan being laid to rest today. the funeral takes place at the ronald reagan library in simi valley, california, where she'll be buried next to her husband, former president ronald reagan. mrs. reagan spent a lot of time planning her own funeral. thousands of people passed by the casket during public viewing. keep it here on nbc 6. we'll have live coverage from
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you can also watch using the nbc 6 news and weather app. president obama will not be there. instead, he will be in austin, texas at south by southwest music festival. he is the festival's keynote speaker. officials say this is the first time in the festival's history that a sitting president and first lady have participated. the new prime minister of canada is waking up in washington, d.c. the white house alal abuzz amid a star-studded state dinner. justin trudeau stunned the world with his victcry, following the path of his father pierre trudeau. a former boxer and drama teacher. he's dubbed the anti trump after inviting americans who say they'll move out of the united states if donald trump wins. when asked about what he said at that sta dinner, he decided that wasn't the right time to take sides. >> i have tremendous confidence in the american people and look
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they choose to send to this bhous white house. >> i'm going to hang right out here in the middle i think. there wewe about 200 guests at the guestdinner. a central florida school bus driver is behind bars and so is her assistant. police say the two left a 13-year-old special needs student on the bus, not once but twice. polk county sheriff's deputies arrested gail brown brown and gwendolyn simmons yesterday. the student was sleeping when they stopped at the school and everyone got off the bus. this is surveillance video from that bus. brown drove to another location, parked the bus and left with simmons. the student@ woke up 15 minutes later, climbed out of a window and hitchhiked the 30 miles home. police say the same thing happened earlier this month. a traveler flies to south florida only to leave the
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arrested on a warrant for sexual activity with a child. patrice patriceo gonzalez has been transferred to the main detention center in palm beach county. he has a palm beach gardens address and is scheduled to appear in court this morning. eight minutes to the top of the hour on your friday. fqnding sthirng odd on your child's toy. that got one mom demanding answers. >> i'm absolutely sick. little girl. she had no idea what appears to be a harmlele picture on the top of that child's toy actually has a pretty sinister meaning behind it.
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at 6:00, we'll tell you a man was arrested after a botched dental procedure was performed. the man was in the country illegally from bolivia. learning more about the jacksonville mom shot in the
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that mom, jamie gilt is a gun lover. a facebook page belonginghe her is filled with posts about gun rights. nbc 6 has not been able to confirm it belongs to the shooting victim. deputies say the 31-year-old owns the gun that the boy fired from the back seat of her truck. it happened this week on tuesday. she is recovering at the hospital. the boy is okay and hes with other family members. a mother say as monster jam souvenir came with a calling card for reeps. the pink stuffed monster truck was bought at a monster jam event in rochester, new york. as it turns out, the heart symbol on the back of the toy is belonging to pedophiles. >> i am absolutely sick. i bought this for my 2-year-old little girl. >> the company that makes the toy is basedin tampa. a spokesperson pour the company has said that they are shocked
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toys from future events. >> all right. we are three minutes awayfrom the 6:00 hour right now. still working on a lot more for our next hour of news here on nbc 6 this morningn the republicans, it's their turn on the stage in south florida. hear howthe campaigns are reacting the everything that happened last nightt the gop debate. taking to the streets. community members in one south florida city are thrilled to see fbi agents raid city hall. all right, south florida. waking up to mild temperatures in the mid t t low 70s across the board. a few clouds beginning to creep in from the gulf of mexico. other than that, expecting quiet conditions. rain-free start to the day but it is breezy. it looks like those breezy conditions will stick around io the afternoon hours.
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"south florida toda whehe large portions of a group of people, islam, large portions want to use very, very harsh names. i'm not interested in being politically correct. i'm interested in being correct. >> i would say this. we're all in this together. we're going to come up with solutions. we're going to find the answers to things. so far i cannot believe how civil it's been up re. >> we're all in this together? did he say that?
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different ton on stage last night. >> the candidates still attacking but the issues and not each other. good morning on this friday morning. i'm sheli muniz. >> i'm eric harryman. it's one minute past the hour on this friday, march 11th. we have a complete breakdown of the debate. brand new interviews this morning from the spin room from right after those cmeras were turned off. >> nbc 6 meteorologist erika delgado is here with a look at the fgrecast. >> we finally made it. rain-free on this friday morning. live first alert radar looking pretty quiet. this is good news as we head out e door this early in the morning. taking a look at conditions from ft. lauderdale into key west. dealing with just a few clouds. as you can see mostlyloudy in ft. lauderdale right now. a few clouds in miami and we're waking up to mostly clear skies down into the middle and lower keys. milstart as you can see. it is a breezy start to the day. looking like the breezy conditions will stick around for


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